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Once you start it, IT becomes. But there must be fuel. The next fire has started…and it leads to a great new chapter.

Posted by: undularbore | September 25, 2013

F U Columbia

The news from my hometown reinforces why I’m not there. Shooting here and there, domestic stoopidness, fires. DAMN.
When I was a girl I didn’t like the energy there. I always wanted to be somewhere else. Hence my moving here and there.
I feel at home here in S Florida. Until the next tropical calling. Comfy is here.
Life is BS but I’m here to live it, against my wishes. Reason will happen soon.

Posted by: undularbore | September 25, 2013

Polynesian Men

I wrote about Polynesian men a couple years ago. Just about every time I log in here to WordPress I see that it’s one of the most common searches that brings people to my page.
What does it mean, people? Are you searching for the hell of it? Are you searching because you like these great looking men, like I do?

Gosh, they are good looking, so I post a picture. Apparently Tongans are immigrating to Texas in the droves. I won’t move to Texas! But here’s a nice picture to drool over.

Nice Tongan football players. 🙂

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And There He Was…In My Dream

Latest dream rambling came to me this morning close to waking time.


“He” was there. He being the man I wish to find one day. He was in my current apartment and we had recently met. We were in my living room and he was giving me the most soul fulfilling hug, a comfort soothed me down to my inner self – a comfort that made me think I’m not alone anymore, someone is around for me.

My head was over his right shoulder and I could feel his strong neck against my cheek, I even think he had a mole on his neck. He had dark hair and my arms circled his neck.

Feelings of completion and satisfaction came over me. Like a goal attained.

Posted by: undularbore | September 5, 2013

Write When Life Sucks

Because that’s been the ongoing theme. Life is and has been bashing me up pretty hard. But it’s all relative, I try to keep reminding myself. I’m sure there are plenty of people or women who would love to have my problems. No matter…problems are problems.

Did you know I have two pair of shoes that I wear? Only one pair right now since it’s Summer (sandals). I would like new sandals, these are wearing out and I have almost twisted my ankle twice. Can’t buy them, unless I want to use my credit card. But right now, I’m using that for food, gas and other crap since I’m cashless. No new clothes, no new shoes, no car washing. Only the necessities.

No fancy TV, no computer speakers, no computer, no internet, no extra anything.

OK, need to stop writing about this shit so I can stop crying.

Posted by: undularbore | August 22, 2013

Silly Fortunes

Life has a distinct smell of Columbiyuck lately. The bottom of muck. This past Sunday, 8/18, I ordered Chinese food and got 3 fortune cookies.


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Silly Ramblings

I’ve got a new kitten, he’s cute as can be.
The world is crazier each and every day.
Will the gold thread in my soul continue to guide me to “my” place.
Heaven on Earth…we all want it.
Living in a modern society that advertises certain lifestyles as the only true and correct one, people simply don’t think anymore. Critical thinking.
Life is worth living, life is worth taking care of, nurturing and happiness.
Selfish bubbles.
Hope I’m not around when they all pop.
People don’t want to believe the truth. Truth is supposed to be king.
Not anymore, it’s bullshit. Being unethical and greedy is champion.
It’s all about money, it’s all about someone’s bottom line.It’s all about controlling the masses.
Used to think I was a free person who is female in a great country.
This country is a bully, it’s selfish, just like it’s general population.
I’m not free and I’m as much of a slave as history’s slaves. We all are slaves unless we’re politicians, in the legal field or stupidly rich. Rules are for the masses. Not for the “blessed”.
I used to think our American society was making progress, nope. It is all a bluff.
We have all this stuff to keep up preoccupied.
We are lemmings.
And I still have my dreams and my cute kitties. I still have my soul, my brain, personality, the ability to think for myself, to be independent.
But sometimes the rope is short.

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Chewy, was that you?

I love those last couple hours of sleep, where dreams can fire off so easily. This morning was no different.

I was swimming in a lagoon, or body of water similar to the Gulf of Mexico here in SWFL. I remember other people swimming and I could see the shore. There were palm trees and businesses near the shore. The businesses seemed more like restaurants, or even resort-like places. I was alone, I don’t remember being with any friends. Something about the weather changed, like the wind picked up and there were more waves, maybe threat of rip-currents? People were pretty much calm as they swam to shore and something told me to swim towards the right, everyone was swimming towards the left. I didn’t want to be in the throng of people so I took the way less traveled. As I swam to shore I started to feel tired but knew I could make it and there’s this strong guy in the water and urges me to swim towards him since he could help me to shore. I remember his hand grab my arm and he pulled me closer to him and swung me around to face him (which meant I was facing away from shore now). But before I saw his face I already knew this guy was super nice and was genuinely helping me to shore, and his soul felt warm and safe, which made me feel comfortable, comfortable enough that any problems I had seemed to wash away. Then I noticed he was hairy, I don’t really like hairy guys but he was super nice. Then I noticed his face, hairy like Chewbacca but I could still see skin – he was human. He smiled at me and I smiled back as I started swimming to the shore.

The next part of the dream I was in a garden like place, it was part of the resort I saw earlier from the beach. I was responding to a question it seemed. Don’t remember the question or how I got there. I was comfortable and still damp from my swim. I was with this “Chewy” guy again. It seemed that he either owned the resort or knew the owner. We were sitting in a VIP area draped with vines so the patrons couldn’t really see us. And this sitting area also seemed to be higher than the rest of the garden restaurant. I was facing what patrons I could see. It almost seemed I was answering a question that had to do with sex or sexuality or Chewy and I together, I remember feeling really good inside, positive, sexual, happy all swirled together. Then he asked me to tone it down – he didn’t want anyone to hear me or us together. As if we shouldn’t be together, like it was taboo or something. He may have wanted me to tone down my voice but he didn’t want me to stop either. So he used two beach towels to help further conceal me. One was wrapped around my torso/lap then he used this black towel that had jewels screen printed on it to drape over my head. I remember the yellow, purple and blue tones of the jewels. We continued our conversation and it seems that we finished our meal/drinks and I left with him to go to his place/room.

That was the end.

But the overall comfortableness, security, happiness, water, swimming, good food, nice area that I felt has thus far stayed with me today. I would love to feel his arms around me again.

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Loooong Time

Yeah, it’s been quite a long time since I even logged into WordPress. Sheesh. But there’s been a whole lot going on, from living a bucket list item I didn’t know existed or that I wanted to do, met some great people. My mother came and is still visiting, she’s been here since April 22. She broke her femur May 1st and is still vising me while she recuperates.

I’ve been slung into a pit – but I’m trying to be strong and not let it drag me in. I really need some more humor to deal.

Anyway – I hope to post a more elaborate rant and rave soon.

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So Much

Long time.

Lots of things. Like volunteering for the Nina and Pinta replica ships here at home. Got to cruise with them to Ft. Myers. My BFF and her husband helped make it happen. I cruised aboard the Pinta. Did lots more physical labor than I thought I would but it was all good. I gained strength and I think some seeds for the future. There’s so much  I should elaborate on.

Mom came to visit me April 22, it was a decent time until she fell on my porch. Bad stuff…I had to trick her to going to the hospital – she refused care for 5 days! WTF. Broke her femur and internally bled. == so much has been going on, Gonzo got vestibular disease, Chark got into an accident, there’s other stupid shit I can’t remember right now =/



boat trips, water, beach, gulf, clear water, wonderful beach, lots of swimming, need more swimming, kitties, job, what to do with mom, wtf w my sister.

so much. so brief.

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