Posted by: undularbore | December 16, 2013

I Call Him Fish

I call him Fish because I don’t know his name yet. Perhaps he doesn’t exist? But what if he does? This person is quite a unique character and we’re an ideal match. He is definitely the alpha I’ve been looking for. I know what he looks like and have been consciously dreaming of him for around 3-4 years. Except where he is changes. Ahhh dreams. They are fun.

Earlier today the lady, who is Costa Rican, that cleans our office was in and we usually have a nice chat. For over a year she keeps talking to me about Costa Rica, how I should save up some $$ and go with her for a vacation. Then I meet this Captain who wants to bring me to CA. Both of them have sung the praises of being there. ::tapsfingersondesk::

For over a decade I have dreamt of becoming an ex-pat. I have always dreamed of traveling as wanderlust flows rampant through my veins. There’s my dreams of S Pacific and the cultures thereof. I’ve always liked meeting new people and having adventures. And I’ve always strived to live in a place that’s better spiritually (’cause this nation isn’t the place to do that at all). Now that I have moved to a more tropical setting by the Gulf of Mexico, the gears of these dreams seem to be starting to move.

Call me a fish, because astrologically I am and go with the current I will.