Posted by: undularbore | September 5, 2013

Write When Life Sucks

Because that’s been the ongoing theme. Life is and has been bashing me up pretty hard. But it’s all relative, I try to keep reminding myself. I’m sure there are plenty of people or women who would love to have my problems. No matter…problems are problems.

Did you know I have two pair of shoes that I wear? Only one pair right now since it’s Summer (sandals). I would like new sandals, these are wearing out and I have almost twisted my ankle twice. Can’t buy them, unless I want to use my credit card. But right now, I’m using that for food, gas and other crap since I’m cashless. No new clothes, no new shoes, no car washing. Only the necessities.

No fancy TV, no computer speakers, no computer, no internet, no extra anything.

OK, need to stop writing about this shit so I can stop crying.


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