Posted by: undularbore | August 21, 2013

Silly Ramblings

I’ve got a new kitten, he’s cute as can be.
The world is crazier each and every day.
Will the gold thread in my soul continue to guide me to “my” place.
Heaven on Earth…we all want it.
Living in a modern society that advertises certain lifestyles as the only true and correct one, people simply don’t think anymore. Critical thinking.
Life is worth living, life is worth taking care of, nurturing and happiness.
Selfish bubbles.
Hope I’m not around when they all pop.
People don’t want to believe the truth. Truth is supposed to be king.
Not anymore, it’s bullshit. Being unethical and greedy is champion.
It’s all about money, it’s all about someone’s bottom line.It’s all about controlling the masses.
Used to think I was a free person who is female in a great country.
This country is a bully, it’s selfish, just like it’s general population.
I’m not free and I’m as much of a slave as history’s slaves. We all are slaves unless we’re politicians, in the legal field or stupidly rich. Rules are for the masses. Not for the “blessed”.
I used to think our American society was making progress, nope. It is all a bluff.
We have all this stuff to keep up preoccupied.
We are lemmings.
And I still have my dreams and my cute kitties. I still have my soul, my brain, personality, the ability to think for myself, to be independent.
But sometimes the rope is short.

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