Posted by: undularbore | May 11, 2013

So Much

Long time.

Lots of things. Like volunteering for the Nina and Pinta replica ships here at home. Got to cruise with them to Ft. Myers. My BFF and her husband helped make it happen. I cruised aboard the Pinta. Did lots more physical labor than I thought I would but it was all good. I gained strength and I think some seeds for the future. There’s so much  I should elaborate on.

Mom came to visit me April 22, it was a decent time until she fell on my porch. Bad stuff…I had to trick her to going to the hospital – she refused care for 5 days! WTF. Broke her femur and internally bled. == so much has been going on, Gonzo got vestibular disease, Chark got into an accident, there’s other stupid shit I can’t remember right now =/



boat trips, water, beach, gulf, clear water, wonderful beach, lots of swimming, need more swimming, kitties, job, what to do with mom, wtf w my sister.

so much. so brief.

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