Posted by: undularbore | February 6, 2013


Haven’t felt like blogging lately. Even though there’s plenty of interesting things to blog about. Like when I went to Naples Bay to hang out on a nice balmy Sunday watching birds, fish and people in their boats. I’ve got to know my new next door neighbor (and her 3 kids!). She’s cool, from Cali and my sister’s age. She had some tequila Friday night and bought a grill and that turned out to be a good time with neighbors (got to meet Dee and Eee – they live across from me). Drinking continued, the grill was fired up, decent conversation, good times.

I get lonely, I miss having someone to do stuff with as in boyfriend. Someone to lean on. I do have people close by to lean on, but that’s different. Yes, there are plenty of men out there. Today alone two have been in touch with me. Both just want sexual favors. One was a booty call previously anyway and that’s cool. But the other one is a guy I knew back from high school days. And well…he’s an idiot. We haven’t been in touch for around 2 decades, and out of the blue he messages me on Borgface and opened up with basically a “hey let’s fuck” greeting. Who does that in their 40s? A dumb ass SC redneck, that’s who. The other stupid thing is we never dated or had any sort of physical relationship back then. So why now, 20 years later out of the blue would a guy ask a girl that? Is he that hard up? One of his first messages was about him coming hard and fast. Yeah, that’s what I want a 5 minute fuck (hear the sarcasm). Which points out how much he doesn’t know me. Last week he messaged me wanting to know if he visits me will I kiss him. I responded with “on the cheek”. He types, “what am I a frog?”. Definitely not gentleman, that’s for sure. I asked him “what am I a slut? someone to fuck?”. I stopped responding to him after that. He sent me an angel emoticon. Sheesh. What I just described is a condensed version, of course.


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