Posted by: undularbore | December 17, 2012

Good Times

Can’t stop daydreaming today. Last night was a super hot experience with the young one. He’s been spending more time with me since he does not currently have electricity. This marks two times for he and I in a week.

Last week’s encounter was out of the blue and needed. I was sitting around my apartment on a Sunday afternoon, very horny, day dreaming about all sorts of erotic thoughts (enough so that I felt tingly and was wet) around 4pm I heard a familiar male voice out in the courtyard…could that be Neil*? There was a knock at my door, like a wish granted there he stood. Thrilling excitement and disbelief raced though my head. He said he was hanging out with Ronnie* under the tree so I joined them. I chose a seat directly across from Neil. As the conversation went on I picked up on some sexual tension. I thought I could be imagining it all, after all my brain was saturated with naughty thoughts before Neil showed up. After about 45 mins of conversation Ronnie said he had to go to work and would be willing to take Neil home, but Neil indicated that he still needed to charge his phone and asked me if he could hang out. More thrilling excitement raced through my head knowing that he was going to be my evening company. Could something sexual happen? Good god! I sure hoped so.

Earlier this particular Sunday, some of my sexual day dreaming was my twin fantasy and general acts of extreme pleasure, like having a decent sized cock shoved down my throat. As we watched television the sexual tension rose. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye something else had risen, he flinched his erection, as if waving a flag to me “hey! see me?”. Shortly I found myself on my knees, rubbing his manhood with my hands and wanting to feel him in my mouth. Feel him I did, licking him, circling my tongue around his hard shaft. Suddenly, I felt my earlier fantasy come true, he was shoving his cock in my throat. He stood up while I remained on my knees as he pushed his way deep. So much so his balls were tight against my chin. Such a turn on that can be for me – I was very wet when that was done. My hair was a mess, spit and tears covered my face. I looked up at him and smiled.

We hung out some last week. Monday evening and Thursday evening we hung out. Oh and Saturday night he stayed over till like 1:30 AM. I usually feel some sort of sexual tension between us – guess that’s why we get along. 🙂 But I’m not always going to be the one who starts it unless my needs are burning from within. Last night was such.

Yesterday (Dec 16) I picked him up after grocery shopping, he needed to charge his phone. “Yes, please charge your phone at my place – that way I have some nice eye candy at least”, I devilishly thought to myself. I made a quiche, he made some of his sweet iced tea, we watched movies, good times. At some point he brought up the power of the “swartz”. I thought I saw an erection earlier and he confirmed that he was neither up nor down but medium. OK then…it’s on…

As the night wore on I decided to change out of my clothes into one of my nightgowns. Then I saw the thump, I couldn’t hold back any more. I crawled over to him and rubbed my hands up his thighs, under his clothes so I could feel his hardness, giving him a nice rub and a firm grip. Then I returned to my chair and smiled a devilish grin at him. Heh heh! After a few minutes, he gets up, slowly walks around my chair so he’s behind me, sternly grabs my head and pushes his clothed erection into the side of my face, then he yanks my had back, pulls his pants down to free his hard-on and starts slapping my face with his penis. I lick him as his does this then he shoves himself my mouth, bulging out my cheek and he begins to move out and in, holding himself inside my mouth to admire the bulge caused by his cock. Then after a few quick deep thrusts into my throat he walks back to his chair. Good lord, his erection was freaking intense after that! Completely at attention, snug against his abdomen, stretching the fabric of his shorts past the top of the waistband. Holy fuck! So intense! After a few minutes I went over to him and rubbed myself up and down on him, paying special attention to his erection, making sure I’m getting it in the mix. I rub him through his shorts, taking his cock in my mouth. Then I retreated back to my chair. It didn’t take long before he was back over to me, pulling his pants down and putting his cock in my face. I took him in, licking him, grabbing his balls, and every now and then he’d totally take control and deep throat me. I lost it a couple of times, regaining my throat control. With a low almost comforting voice, he said he was coming, I took him as deep as I could and felt him throb deep.

We hung out for a bit afterwards, it was getting late, both of us had work in the morning. And I couldn’t believe how wet I was. That was the end of the evening. And it left me wanting MORE.

*Names changed to protect identity. 🙂


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