Posted by: undularbore | November 14, 2012

Birds of Prey

One of the wonderful things about living in South Florida is the abundance of birds of prey. Saw a rather large bald eagle right as I got into my car this morning, flying about 50 feet above me. There are two hawks in the neighborhood as well, it must be mating season since they are making more noise lately. What’s funny is when they are making a raucous then the blue jays start up. LOL. I see an Osprey about once a week. A few months back I was leaving a store and I noticed something hauling ass around the building – an osprey with a freshly caught fish. It’s amazing to watch them choke the fish out by holding it face forward and flying really fast. That time I also witness this bird land on a lamppost and start eating it’s catch. How cool is that? I love it!

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