Posted by: undularbore | November 5, 2012

Predicting an Outcome

Back in May I talked with a friend from my hometown, I’ve known her for quite a long time so we caught up on each others’ lives. The following day, or maybe it was two days, she set her relationship status to “in a relationship” on Facebooklandia. It was a shock, I was like “wha??” The shock was that we just talked on the phone and she made no mention of liking a guy or anything about dudes, relationships, etc. The guy she started dating turned out to be a good friend of mine. My antennae raised, something about this relationship didn’t seem right as I remembered what she said about him a couple of years ago when he initially liked her. Which was, she didn’t like him in a relationship way, just as a friend. I can be pretty pessimistic though, but I wondered what could have changed between then and now?

My haunch was reinforced when I found out my sister and I have the same feeling/attitude about her getting with him. That something didn’t feel right, it didn’t make sense. Then my sister told me about the lack of sexual relations between the two of them. My sister and I were equally shocked. Why even get into a relationship with someone when you don’t like them physically? WHY?!? That goes for both? He was probably confident that would change with time. She was probably confident that it wouldn’t. Knowing her, it was probably contrived from the very beginning; she could use a Summer romance and someone to spend time with until she got sick of him.

Soon after they got together the sickening new girlfriend/boyfriend posts started. I was happy for them, but when something seems a little too sweet or too perfect, it usually is.

Fast forward to the present. They have been broken up for a day (as far as I know). It seemed she started actin’ like a fool, being bitchy out of the blue and pushing him away last week. By the end of the week she was done with the relationship. It also seems apparent that she did this over a text message or something distant like that. Instead of an honest conversation the way well developed adults do. But she lacks most coping skills, thanks to her parents. I know and have experienced this first hand – I used to live with her.

For both of them, I’m glad it’s over. He won’t continued to be used and she can get on with her fairy tale life.


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