Posted by: undularbore | October 16, 2012

New Moon on Monday

Yesterday started out terrible. Jobs going wrong, me feeling unconnected and down. As the day wore on, it got a bit better. First Iyadou messaged me and we briefly chatted, he also gave me his American phone number. Very exciting for me. Then when I got home I noticed that my variegated aloe plant has spouted a bloom. I’ve never seen it do that. Exciting again.

Later in the evening Iyadou called me. It’s a bit difficult to talk since he doesn’t know English that well and I don’t know French that well either. No matter, he’s got a great voice, I could listen to him for a nice long time speaking whatever language. Ha. He also called me after his show. So it was nice to get a call before and after the show. Wonder if he thought of me on stage? Wonder what he thinks of me. And why? Where is or could this go? A touareg man in a band that is just as nomadic as his culture is calling me? I shake my head in disbelief.


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