Posted by: undularbore | August 6, 2012

Another Dream

I had another detailed dream last night but I’m a slacker. I did not run it though my mind to remember it. I remember apartments, cowboy boots, some people. It had the level of detail as the gun dream and it also seemed to go on for quite a long time. Guess that full moon is still doing it’s thang.
Perhaps I didn’t want to remember it because I met a guy Saturday night that resembled the gun-guy from my dream last Thursday night. It’s silly of me react in such a manner. I’ve always felt I have a 3rd eye or 6th sense and can see the future…so how in the heck am I supposed to think about all this?
The guy’s name is Bob but his German name is Dieter. He seemed nice enough but don’t they all? He bought most of my beers as well and left before I did. I’m going to need time for all that to sink in and see if it means anything to me, deep inside.
So yeah, I went to TCB Saturday night and ended up staying till closing time. Saw familiar faces but none of the ones I really wanted to see. (male faces that is. 😉 ) But Loren was working and we always have a great chat, she’s a smart girl.
Earlier this morning the new Mars rover, Curiosity (or MSL) landed safely on Mars. It’s celebration time for those who like science. But it’s also complain time for those with little minds – especially the religious. I have yet to figure out why small minds gravitate to religion and tend to drive horribly. Low IQs?


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