Posted by: undularbore | April 10, 2012

Blowing My Mind

Hot, yum, intense, fun, are some of the words that come to mind about him and our experiences together. I’m glad things didn’t work out with the other guy, this one is much better company and very convenient since he’s a neighbor.

I really enjoyed the buildup to physical fun. Towards the end of February/beginning of March he was outside with the other neighbors, it was evening and I just pulled up from the cigar bar. I had met him before, but that night when I looked at him began my infatuation. I thought to myself, “he’s not bad – kinda cute.” A couple of weeks later there was a neighborly cookout which meant lots of conversation and the like, it was a good time that afternoon. After that experience the “game” was on for me. I would look for him hanging out, found myself fantasizing about him. But I also had second guesses. Does he find me attractive? How much younger is he than me?

This past Saturday I took it easy, having a relaxing day since I was fresh off of house-sitting duty. Later that night, with some help from Evan Williams, I saw him outside by himself so I called him over to my apartment. I asked him a few questions about himself and invited him inside. He’d been in my apartment before on the day of the cookout because my washer was not working so he came in to see if he could solve the problem. Back to this past Saturday…that day I had on my brown dress that only works as a strapless so I think I might have been alluring? 🙂 He found out about my musical tastes, I found out he’s 24, we chatted about all sorts of topics and learned a bit more about each other. As the night turned into early morning sexual tension in me kept slowly building and I wondered if the feeling was mutual and it seemed so. I stopped readjusting my dress as much so that more breast skin was showing, I noticed him adjusting himself and being more casual. It took lots of inner strength for me not to slather my libido all over him. Kept telling myself, “he’ll be back”. Went to bed at 5am! Couldn’t stop thinking of him and wondering about his manhood so I never really fell asleep that morning.

Went over to my good friend’s house for Easter dinner and to spend time with her and her family. Still couldn’t stop thinking about him, yearning to get back home and see if he was hanging out. He wasn’t. Monday I woke up, slept better than the night before, but still he was all around my mind. All day during work I wondered if I would see him after work because I really wanted to. After all my errands, unloading groceries I settled in my apartment. Smoked a couple cigarettes on the lanai porch hoping to see him outside. But no.

There I sat, listening to my new Orbital recording, thinking to myself that I should get my butt to bed. Then there was a knock at the door. It was him. Holy crap – my yearning answered! As we chatted I sat there in disbelief that he was even there. But I also decided that I will make a move and see what happens. I had to know if there were any feelings of mutuality and attraction. I sat down on the computer chair that was next to him and asked him if he’s OK with not getting into serious relationship…can he handle it? His answer was yes. I also admitted to him that Saturday night was one of the most sexually tense nights I’ve had. He was surprised and I think impressed. The next thing I knew he pulled me close and kissed me deep and kept kissing me deep and I reciprocated. Gladly. My underwear came off and his fingers found my lips as I grabbed and rubbed his large erection through his shorts. I took off his shorts so I could experience him skin to skin. Whoa! His manhood is very healthy and I had to have him in my mouth.

It wasn’t too long after that we went to the bedroom. The fun continued. He definitely knows how to use what he has. Geez, I’m now having trouble composing our fist experience. But damn. I hope it happens on a regular basis.

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