Posted by: undularbore | August 12, 2011

Being Disabled is Depressing, at times

It’s Summer, everything is growing like mad in my yard. And I can’t do anything about it except pay for yard work. Which works out great when I have money. But I’m broke, bank account is currently $0.00.

Getting my Father to help me is like trying to get a stone to talk. :-\  Getting my friends to help is hard, too. So, what am I supposed to do? Live in a jungle, I guess. I feel so helpless. Then I just want to cry. Actually, my eyes are watering up thinking about it. I don’t have the money this week to pay for the yard guy, it’ll be another week or two before he actually makes it out. Fucking reality, go blow yourself.

Making matters worse is the fact that my Mom has a knee problem and can’t get around like she used to be able to. And is not seeing a doctor. But guess what? My crippled self is expected to help her out. I will try the best I can.  But it’s like the blind helping the blind.

Maybe 0ne day I’ll meet a really nice guy who would be willing to help me out. Maybe one day I can just get the fuck out of this town and be with people who are willing to help me with things.


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