Posted by: undularbore | July 19, 2011

Murdochs are Douchenozzles

As this story keeps ramping up, I keep being amazed!
The Murdochs are all over the news, currently, because of their moral-less deeds that have occurred at the News of the World. Phone hacking, bribery, special concessions, all going on for years. It’s not just the journalists, it’s the cops, it’s the cops’ bosses, it’s the Prime Minister, It’s seems like the whole of Britain from the lowly journalist to maybe even the Queen are corrupt.

But for some people, like myself, this is nothing new. This just proves to people like me how corrupt the “system” is.
Punk rockers have been complaining about it for decades. We were dismissed as angry teen-agers and young adults who don’t understand “how it works”. Naw man, we’ve had it right all along. Just didn’t have the proof.

With the WikiLeaks story last year, this News Corporation/Murdoch mess, the Arab Spring uprisings, the Vatican’s willingness to cover up sexual abuse charges, the “guts” of corrupt “systems” that keep everyday citizens in check and their heads filled with bullshit is being eviscerated. I hope, I really do hope this brings about some sort of change. However, I’m not the biggest cheerleader for the human-stupid race, either. We are idiots. We love to be idiots, we love to feel “special” and all “cozy”. We love the hell out of some money. We are greedy. We are inventive.  What we do best is suck the life out of each other.

Once one bad guy is removed, another will fill its spot. Once one drug lord is removed, another fills his spot.
Once one pimp is removed from an area, another will move in.

Guess what I’m getting at is even though it’s great that more people will see the news/commerce/government as corrupt, it will never go away. Because we are human.

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