Posted by: undularbore | March 28, 2011

Lucky Bitch! <— Me!

Happily mind-boggled I am.
This month keeps on delivering the best of times. Total disbelief washes over my mind from time to time.
But I know that reality has happened. For me, it’s similar to basking in the warm sinlight, er…sunlight after a cold winter.
It feels so good, so rejuvenating, yet it seemed to take so long to get to this point. Damn, I’m glad, though!
I need to keep hold of the reins. I can’t let the excitement of the past month cloud my thoughts, or my mind.
Because I don’t want this to end! I felt like I’ve trudged through deserts, burnt down forests and dried up lake beds, all the while starving, to get to where I am now.
I haven’t felt so satisfied with life in a long, long time. I understand what it means for these two special people to reach out to me first, that alone is mind-boggling!
They reached out for me, and damn…how fucking incredible is that?
It’s these luscious, little slices of life that make all the pain and drudgery worth it. I just want pain and drudgery to take a long break for awhile, a very long while.
Realize I do, how lucky I am. To have these gorgeous men come to me, in more ways than one…to have them in my company, to have honey drip and it be licked up and savored.
Their beautiful bodies wrapped up with mine, feeling, grabbing, the best releases.


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