Posted by: undularbore | February 13, 2011

Dear Savannah

The euphoria from my former home has injected into my veins a colorful and enjoyable serum. The energy, the people whether they were friends or strangers was reminiscent of my life there. It’s an acceptance that is devoid here.

Three times I heard people tell me to move back. That felt so good. A good friend recommending me for a logo design, people treating me with respect and honest fun made me really dispise living here even more that I usually do. Especially since I feel so out of place and misunderstood. There’s, a love, an energy that blankets me there. Something I’ve never felt in this home town of mine.

I’ll never forget this weekend, the fun, the people, the energy…knowing that it’s there makes this hell hole a tiny bit more tolerable.


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