Posted by: undularbore | January 20, 2011


That is my present checking account balance. Meanwhile, I had to take my two new kittens to the vet ($200). They have ringworm, mange, and one has an eye infection. Yeah, lovely. Additionally a section of my sewer pipe has collapsed, due to some jury rigging many years ago ($300 – $1,500) and the plumber won’t be back until tomorrow – this means day two of limited outflow usage. I simply HAVE to flush the toilet today, especially since it’s that time of the month. All this went down yesterday.

In my near future, there will be property taxes on two lots, vehicle taxes and normal car maintenance. Pure monetary joy I tell ya.

So far I’ve been handling these extra costs well stress-wise. I also need to pull in my spending reins for the time being. Mom will forget and still expect me to take her out to lunch every week – sometimes I wish she could just leave me alone for awhile. But my life is so lonely she’s the only one I have to talk to sometimes – depressing since I don’t really like her but she will talk on the phone.

Sometimes I feel like I’m holding on by my fingertips…or just barely keeping my nose above the water.  And I think I’m simply ignoring the fact that things are getting worse. Because once I pay close attention, I will flip out.


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