Posted by: undularbore | January 7, 2011

Protect the Marine Creatures, Screw the Indigenous

So, apparently creating a Marine Sanctuary means the indigenous can’t fish there. WTF?

Makes me sick! These people have been living their mostly sustainable ways, fishing for their food for who knows how long. But Whitey introduces a law that protects marine life (which sounds great in theory) but makes indigenous people have to fish in other waters. OK it’s simple, no commercial fishing, no commercial anything in protected waters! What the hell kind of damage are the indigenous gonna do? Look what the all great Western Civ has done to the planet! The indigenous have been taking care of this planet for countless generations because they understood that the Earth gave them their life and prosperity.

Because here’s a similar story that Wikileaks released.

Navinchandra Ramgoolam spoke out after the Labour government’s decision to establish a marine reserve around Diego Garcia and surrounding islands was exposed earlier this month as the latest ruse to prevent the islanders from ever returning to their homeland.

This is another example of Diplomacy screwing the indigenous people! The reason why this really gets me hot is these people DESERVE this Earth. Not the fuckers (mostly us) that have been screwing the environment and indigenous peoples for centuries. And we’ve mainly treated these people with such lack of respect because they don’t believe in some goddamned sky fairy.

Damn it!


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