Posted by: undularbore | December 28, 2010

Please Take Your Clothes Off

This is an interview with Assange. It’s from Summer of this year. It’s a fairly decent interview by TED, but the real gem for me is Julian taking off his jacket at the beginning of the interview. And from there my mind drifts off to him taking off all of his clothes. 😀 I like to gaze longingly at his slender frame, his long-skinny fingers as they gather his jacket to lay it across his lap. Those subtleties really turn me on. Like the subtleness of the package me he might have. For only two seconds there’s a crotch shot, then he takes off his jacket and lays it in his lap. I think he takes off his jacket, so he can shield the audience from his junk. Ok, sure, it could be the way his pants have “fallen” around that area when he sat down. However, I’m willing to place bets that he’s got it going on down there.

I’m such a happy fool.


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