Posted by: undularbore | December 23, 2010

Hell I don’t know. For some people rape is a fantasy. For some
waking up to find the right person having sex with them is a hot
thing. For me my view on sex and sexual acts has been different
than most people and has caused problems for my love life. My
sexual drive is animalistic quite often, it’s like another
personality. What I’m getting at is what one would consider a crime
is acceptable by others. The things these two girls are complaining
about are things I wouldn’t find offensive and would relish. I’ve
read the reports and I would think to myself “wow, I wouldn’t
complain about that or that and I certainly wouldn’t file charges”.
Don’t get my thinking wrong, I believe each case should be looked
into but there’s some shady crap going on in the background with
this case against Assange. That part is clear. And it may be that
Assange is a sexual freak, is that a crime? Only if he gets with
the wrong girls. On that note, can I has some of that sexual freak?
Freak meet freak.

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