Posted by: undularbore | December 20, 2010

Dear Julian

Your name hit my radar this summer when Wikileaks really started getting some major press. Since the Thanksgiving release not only are you now a household name, a runner up for Person of the Year, but you have now become my #1 sexual fantasy.


People, journalists, etc have painted you in very hawkish colors. Which is one of the reasons I find you so interesting. But the fact is you *are* interesting. Some people want to kill you, some simply loathe you, but I have an intense lust for you.


Liking or lusting after you is like any of my rockstar fantasies except you are not allowed here in the US and your life is in constant danger. I can’t simply fantasize that you surprise visit me at work and wisk me away because of the forementioned reasons. The fantasy I had over the weekend included an agent of yours tracking me down and taking me to the Virgin Islands where you were waiting on a boat for me. The meeting in person was quite thrilling, the sex was animalistic and complete.


It’s silly of me to think that you will find my blog and read this entry. The fantasies are fun though! I wish you luck with your endeavours and support this unshakable change. Hope to meet you one day, shake your hand, kiss you passionately, take you clothes off and wrap my lips around your (most likely) uncircumcised, large penis.

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