Posted by: undularbore | December 14, 2010

WikiLeaks – OilLeaks – SlurryLeaks

It’s the Year of the Leaks!

First was the BP Oil Spill, also knows as the DeepShit Horizon Accident. That was a leak beyond comprehension.

Second, the Toxic Sludge leak in Hungary from an aluminium plant slurry pond. (Or something like that), killed people, destroyed whole villages that can’t be inhabited for many, many years.

Third, WikiLeaks! The leak of all sorts of US State Department private cables that has been driving Amerrican Shitheads…I mean Politicians mad. Embarrassing heads of state, bringing to light how the Vatican-asshats have covered up their lying ways concerning child sexual abuse. Exposing a Pfizer fiasco in Nigeria.

Therefore, it’s the Year of the Leaks!!

But I chose to write more about the WikiL situation today. It’s been in the US news since the Monday after Thanksgiving. The flurry around Assange and the WL organization flooded the news along with embarrassing the US government and governments abroad.

In its wake a new, more “open” leak site was launched yesterday, OpenLeaks. I have not been to that site. People who no longer work for WikiL started this site and it’s aimed strictly at journalists to release the info, not the public. Also a group of what’s been labeled as “hacktivists” formed a group called Anonymous and they started D-O-S attacking sites like Visa, Mastercard and Paypal since those companies refuse to be a part of WikiL and refused them money. Twitter has canceled the accounts of anyone associated with Anonymous but they let protesters in Iran coordinate their protests via Twitter this past Summer. Which means Twitter knows what’s best for you, doncha know!

Personally I’ve been totally fascinated with this WikiLeaks story. It seems evolve into something else every few days.

Assange turned himself in last week because 0f (IMO) a political stunt by Sweden. They have charged him with a sexual crime, “sex by surprise”. What timing, really! Then earlier this week there was an explosion in Stockholm, but unrelated since this is the responsibility of AlQaeda, according to AlQaeda. But also, this timing is interesting. The WikiL site has been shuffled around from server to server to keep itself up. Anonymous has been helping to keep it alive. Here’s a link to an article about Anonymous, it’s their explanation of who they are.

It’s time for me to return to work…perhaps more later as I have lost the “thought train”.


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