Posted by: undularbore | December 2, 2010

Brrr and Stuff

This is the first really cold day here in this town. Tonight’s low will be 29. My fingertips are cold and it was 57 in my house before I turned on the heater. It’s probably 58 in here now, ha! Also the first light frost was this morning. There will be 3 solid months of this frozen crap. I hate the cold. Tre frio!

I’ve gotten back in the swing at work, it’s weird being gone for a week. I was nervous as a school girl  on her first day back from  Summer holiday. Gosh! But I quickly got over it. It’s busy too, and that’s good as it helps me keep my mind off things like how much I want to leave this town.

Today I stumbled across this website for boats/crew called During my lunch hour I created my profile, they certainly ask a lot of questions. It’s exciting for me just to create the profile, knowing that maybe, just maybe, I will find a way out of here and into the next happy chapter of my life, living on and/or near the water. I did a search of boats and it is amazing to me how many guys are looking for companionship. Is this a part of boat life I don’t know about? Do some people just boat hop? Is that an acceptable way of life out there? How very interesting to ponder. It’s a whole different life out on the water, whether it’s a jon-boat or a cargo ship. Of course, the bigger the ship the bigger your world is beneath your feet. Ahhhh my mind loves gnawing on this. 🙂

In other news, I noticed Demonica must have commented on Xine’s post about how thankful she is of Jerk. I especially liked X’s comment, “have we met before?”. Ha ha ha ha, X, welcome to D and D still loves her ex and will most likely get in the way. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m so glad I’m not apart of that stupid shit but get to admire it from afar. So lovely because it makes me feel good.  I feel so much stronger and myself again that the thought of getting back with him makes my head hurt.

This weekend brings plenty to do, a party, The GameCocks, shopping and friends! Hopefully some good times too. I can use them.


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