Posted by: undularbore | November 7, 2010


OK…I wanted to write about something but now I can’t remember. So I’ll go with the flo’.

It’s cold…now it’s really cold as far as I’m concerned. My feet were so cold leaving Kevlyn’s last night I went straight to bed but I was also reeling from the disappointing loss of the stupid Gamecocks. That energy of loss defeated my evening. The present conquest was there and I totally didn’t expect him to be there. There are remembrances of looking each other in the eyes during conversation. Oh the conquest. The “getting there” is the best part. Did I scope out his package, why YES I did! But it was hard to tell what is going on down there. I know from experience that his lack of a huge package means nothing. Because I’ve met and conquested quite a few men that didn’t appear to have anything but DID. What can I say, I want to find out!

I guess with the colder weather a snuggle buddy would be nice. But dreaming of one is almost good enough. This colder weather must be the drive for my interest…maybe it’s my libido. Although my innerds have been acting strange lately I miss feeling cock inside of me. Yeah, it’s that basic. But oh so complicated at the same time.

On that note here ends this blog posting.


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