Posted by: undularbore | November 5, 2010

My Mother

My mother is simply just that. She gave birth to me, she made sure I did my homework and kept me fed and basically healthy. She and I have been at odds with each other since I can remember. Especially once my sister was born, it steadily got worse. I think I have already blogged about my mom and how she drives me completely insane. I can’t stand her, I don’t like her. I put up with her simply because she is my mother. What an awful relationship. Now that I’m an adult and her favorite daughter is not here, she leans on me. It bothers me cause I could and still can’t lean on her or depend on her for very much.

She claims she helped me out so much when I was recovering from my knee surgery. But she didn’t. Granted her father died and she had to fly out for that. But even before that she wasn’t around. According to her, when she came by to re-ice and re-stock my cooler with drink and food, that’s when she helped me out a lot. Well she did, but not a lot. She was never there very long, then I would get to listen to all the things I’ve done wrong, from diet to lifestyle, and how my knee problem was because of those.

Yesterday I called her to get caught up and the phone conversation ended with her being extremely mad at me because I didn’t invite her with me on my trip to visit Charlene. She forgot about us talking about my trip when we went to the beach together. She even forgot about us talking about the logistics of Enzo. She was screaming at the top of her voice when she hung up on me. Lawd. But to put this into reality, she doesn’t have the $$ to buy a plane ticket two weeks from departure! It’s not like I’m driving there or that it’s a short trip. She can be such a whiny bitch! I’ve got to move away from her! I’ve got to move away from this town – it’s drowning my soul! Super jon. I hope she gets over this and moves on damn it.

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