Posted by: undularbore | November 3, 2010

What the Stars and Planets Say…

“Alternatively, at the full moon, you may travel, this time not a long distance, but rather to a city close to home. You may travel to see family, to complete a business deal, or to seek the advice of a health practitioner. It’ll be a simply sensational time to travel for any reason…From late November through mid-January, if you are single, plan to circulate – the one person you meet might change your life forever. Are you attached? You’ve been through many relationship difficulties since late 2007, but that phase is now over. If you are still together, it seems your relationship is very solid. If you broke up, you won’t likely see a repeat of the difficulties you endured again – not now, not later, and not ever. In all ways, life is about to brighten in a very exciting way. Dear Pisces, this is your time!” – Susan Miller, November Monthly Forecast.

Well DAMN!! Funny how that’s when my trip to Florida is planned. I booked this damned trip Aug 2nd. Who knew? I can’t help but to wonder what will happen, how exciting at the very least.


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