Posted by: undularbore | October 19, 2010

Funny Stuff

I put up with his ex for almost the entire relationship. She’s seemed to always be there in the background somewhere. And yeah, it bothered me. From the “I still love yous” to the phone calls on both his land line and cell phone, to the stupid shit she would do on facebook…like post that I was harassing her with text messages. I got sick of her calling me names and trying to come between Joe and I. But I had my fill of Joe and dealing with his stupid friends and the other side of him that most people don’t know.

Now I get to sit back and enjoy the show. Today on FB Demonica “liked” Christine’s posting about how wonderful of a guy Joe is. All I can do is laugh and laugh!!

Thank you life for providing such great entertainment.



  1. I guess I need to really put this post into perspective.

    I got sick of her and I knew the only way to get her out of my life was to get him out. And getting him out of my life was already something I wanted to do. So that worked out timing wise, very well. I had always figured that she was out to fuck with me since she’s had a grudge against me for about 20 years. Once it was known that I was truly out of the picture Demonica has now started commenting and liking things on his page, a g a i n. That is what’s funny, she’s re-emerged again.

    I’ve been going on my merry way, have dealt with some major depression but have emerged a stronger person with my insightful clarity back in the saddle too. I feel like me again, I haven’t felt this way in four years! And what’s interesting is that this is the exact time of year he and I started dating – back in the days of first love, the days of happiness and completeness…until the real, ugly truth came out.

    Last week I ran into Demonica at a restaurant, still flabbergasted just thinking of that since I don’t go out to eat that often nor do I go to that many places when I do make it out of my cave. I’m feel fairly certain that my appearance at her workplace jolted her. More sideshow laughs came this past weekend, that’s when joe’s new gal posted with that syrupy comment and his syrupy comment came soon after. Well now demonica has liked that post! Damn, how fucking great is that! She’s up to her same old tricks, fucking with joe and his lady of the moment. And that makes me proud, really freakin’ proud. So bring it on ole demonica, please continue to show this stupid city just how insane and bothersome you are.

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