Posted by: undularbore | October 8, 2010

This Skrange New Moon

Today is a New Moon. This week has been quite strange. Strange things, people acting strange (customers included!), a strange feeling in the air = it’s all so strange!! Earlier in the week after the cop incident in my front yard I started wondering if a New Moon was near, I checked the interwebs and sure enough…Friday. Here I am, it’s Friday and yes today definitely started off more strange that I would anticipate.

As I approached my place of work I noticed all these emergency vehicle lights, fire trucks, ambulance, state troopers (and county). I had to approach work from a different direction and when I got closer to my job I could see the wreck. One vehicle was an overturned older Chevy lil’pickup. Damn…flipped, really? Someone was hauling ass. The next thought I remember having was thinking of  Mr. Tow Truck Driver and would he be working this accident? Gosh darn it, I was right! That cute, hunk of a cougar-snack worked the accident. Oh joy, oh lustful joy. Someone’s bad morning gave me a good morning. Strange to think of it that way but it is a New Moon.

How long will the strangeness last and I’m hoping for it to be all good strangeness! 😀


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