Posted by: undularbore | October 6, 2010

Just a Post

Been having a hard time sleeping the last few nights. Sunday was my last night of really good sleep. Monday night’s trouble started with a guy getting arrested outside of my kitchen window. It freaked me out enough that I had trouble getting back to sleep. Once I did fall asleep a water roach fell from the ceiling onto my head, that turned into an hour long “I’m gonna getchu sucka”. I did get him. The rest of the morning was spent tossing and turning. Oh! I’m forgetting about this head cold, a new head cold. (Haven’t been this sick in quite awhile!)

Last night I woke up at my usual time (leftovers from the KittyKat days), drank some water and went back to sleep. Then I heard some movement under the house…kept hearing stuff. So, last night was a bad night for sleep too.

At least I don’t feel as sleepy today as yesterday. This no-sleep-thing reminds me so much of Full-Moon-I-can’t-sleep spells. Just checked the moon, it’s New. So that explains all the weirdness lately. Yes, this week feels weird, everyone’s energy feels weird. Kinda freaky, really.

Depression, which is a very old friend of mine, has been hanging around a lot this year. Especially lately. Like the last two months. Dufus-head text’d me some this past weekend and I see on his FB page that he took one girl out for Motor Supply dinner, the same app plate he bought for me and I’m sure Demonica. That’s another reason why I call him dufus, he takes all this “special” dates to the same stupid place and orders the same thing. Granted, it’s good and this city is small, but damn…I want to post under that picture he posted of that app plate and how familiar that sounds to me. šŸ˜€ He needs to pick up some originality the next time he goes to the store.

And speaking of depression – my mantra lately is: I will always be alone, suffering alone, living alone. Just another number for someone’s system. It seems that all around me people have found relationships, that special person, new friends, new all-sorts-of-things, etc. Yet, here I am alone like I’ve always been and I believe that I always will.

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