Posted by: undularbore | October 1, 2010

Dreams from Last Night

Well, more like this morning. But they were strange. I remember being in a big house, almost so big there were separate rooms to rent. There were other people, most I seemed familiar with, but not good friends, perhaps even a stranger or two. I roamed around this huge place and it seemed I was there to stay for awhile, not home but  a secondary home. The most disturbing part was me performing some rubbing action on my lawn guy?! Geez, I’m not even attracted to him the least bit. But I remember him wearing jeans, I was laying down on this bed, really tired. He comes into the bed, kneeling by my head. I rubbed him, feeling his erection. Then it came out and I was stroking it and the like…then I realized who it was once I opened my very tired eyes. I get up and go outside. There were all these obstacles in my way and weirdly shaped boardwalks. I also went upstairs to this room that used to be all run down but had been completely and very poshly redone. There were the dark purple velvety panels on either side of the huge mantle. And this huge bed. There was a lady or maybe two from an upper class niche and they welcomed me in and explained the restoration process.

I also remember looking around for my friend Martin. I haven’t seen him in real life in about 10 years or so.  But most of the dream seemed to be centered around searching around for  a person or persons.

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