Posted by: undularbore | October 1, 2010

Damn, I missed Blasphemy Day

DAMN! FUCK! Oh well, I do enough of that EVERY day. 🙂

Although as I think of this, how I missed the day and all, I also realize that September 30 is the last day of Bourbon Heritage Month. That’s plenty of reason to blaspheme right there! However, like blasphemy, I also celebrate bourbon just about every day of the year. I’m celebrating these religiously! Ha!

On a more personal note, tonight promises to be interesting. Good or bad I wonder. All the roaches will crawl out of the woodwork to see Antiseen play. I haven’t seen them in a few years myself. I just hope that stupid bitch doesn’t show up. I’m going to hope she’s got mommy duties. Actually I hope my ex is there, Scott ex, Joe ex will be there. So far the plans are to be with some of my girlfriends and maybe even a male friend I haven’t hung out with in awhile. No matter, looking forward to it all the same.

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving this wretched city, with all  it’s stupid shit for stupid people to do. A city should have things to do for it’s people. And I’m glad this one does. But I’m happier about NOT being apart of it at all! Just say NO to chili! Just say NO to Blues! Really, I’m saying NO to all those idiots I would have to navigate my neurologically disabled self. Just say YES to good friends, good food and good times. I have friends that will be in the throngs of crowds doing the same thing, hanging out with their good friends having good food with 40,000 other jerks. Intimate is better, IMO.

Speaking of intimate…I feel fires burning within me. But alas, no mate. Hopefully all these incredibly good times I’ve been having will come to an abrupt stop thanks to an asteroid? I can dream…DAMN IT!


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