Posted by: undularbore | September 27, 2010

Frakking Computer Keyboards

I am a prepress technician and graphic designer, these positions require lots of time on a computer keyboard. It’s like a marriage, really. We are upgrading a computer at work, well actually replacing it. Which means all new stuff. YAY! Well…no. The new box will be nice, faster with more RAM. But they failed to ship the keyboard and mouse (didn’t even bill us for it) so my boss went to Office Depot® to get a keyboard.

The keyboard I’m using right now was an off-the-shelf-purchase back in 2004, it’s a M$ “Internet” keyboard. I guess it’s “Internet” since it has these backward and forward buttons and a Mail key…oooooohhh…keys I’ve NEVER used. But otherwise it’s a decent keyboard. I’ve beaten it up a couple of times, slammed my fists into the keys, have broken both legs off the back (I use a small spelling dictionary as the legs now – kludge!) but it’s still feels good, the individual keys have a good fingertip anatomy.

The new keyboard is flat and from what I can tell surfing the web for new keyboards, that’s what they are going to. They are going to shit! The keys are close together and it feels more like a laptop keyboard than an actual full on desk model. The keys themselves are flat which makes it easier for your fingertips to slide around, especially if you got some nails. I truly can’t understand how someone with really long nails can type reliably, let alone on any of these new keyboards. New keyboards are not made to last, even this M$ keyboard some of the letters are starting to wear off, the plastic is wearing down. One can only wonder just how long any of these new pieces of shit keyboards will last in a professional environment?

One solution I saw, I mean one keyboard I’ve seen on the internet that seems like it’s a real, true professional keyboard is $140, the Das Keyboard. My boss is not going to spend that on a keyboard! He did find an old HP keyboard laying around with a PS2 connection. It has real metal contacts! It’s made like a keyboard should, because it’s old skool, back in the day when keyboards were made to last. However using this great, old keyboard will depend on whether or not the PS2 to USB connector will work and that Windows 7 will recognize it. Who knows?

I’m not the only one frustrated either:

Here’s someone’s search for a decent keyboard.

And this guy’s top ten reason why modern keyboards suck.


  1. The UNICOMP Customizer Keyboard is the best money can buy. My boss got me one and my fingers have never been happier! I actually look forward to typing on this keyboard.

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