Posted by: undularbore | September 7, 2010


I  haven’t been updating my status as frequently and in general just not being as active on FB. However it’s a great source of entertainment. As this morning has shown! Go to Joe’s page to check out what’s going on, he was at some party last night and that was three posts from him. (three posts to let everyone know you’re at a party? complete with photo uploads!) He goes to parties all the time. Anyway, guess his ‘babydoll’ felt a bit jilted that she wasn’t invited. Oh the glee in my heart when I read that. Want to tell her, “hey! join the club! he knows how to make a lady feel real left out.”

It makes me happy that I’m not part of that…I mean his life. I hardly ever saw him anyway, with his schedule and all. But his narcissism is a bit much most of the time.

I have to include the link to the CNN article about Narcissism, most of what they said is Joe, Joe Joe.

Cant’ wait to see what happens next, and something tells me that once again I might have front row seats too!

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