Posted by: undularbore | September 3, 2010

Dreamy Dreams

Lots of dreams lately. I’ve written some down, most I have not. Shame on me, there’s been some good ones. Taking care of cats and fish, sometimes both at once.

Last night I can recall a dream in which I was in a social setting, like a bar, I had been there before (in the dream) but it is unfamiliar to me in the real world. I was there hoping to see this guy I really liked. I remember most of the men seemed to be on the rough side, or strong side. Whichever. The guy I was hoping to see did show up, he was with about 4 other people and when I got up to greet him this other guy that really likes me (but I don’t like him) gets in my way and starts dancing around or showing off to try and show me that he’s a better guy than the one I like. The one I like is bald, he had on a black top or maybe a black jacket on top? He recently was injured by some shrapnel type stuff and I could see little sores on one side of his head from that accident. I showed my concern but he was very nonchalant about it as it was on it’s way to healing. And as soon as he and I started talking the dream faded.

I created a great fantasy that blends in with my going-to-sleep-happy-place, very well. On the other side of my happy place is this hotel where I live and work with my lover and his family. I garden, I fish, I swim, I swim with him, I cook, I feel apart of his life and family. We work very well together and both have a undeniable love of the water and her creatures. Giving thanks to the fish we eat and the garden that grows so well. I learn his culture and it’s customs and language. A feel good life. Ahhhhh, maybe one day.

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