Posted by: undularbore | August 27, 2010

Whine and Cheese

I can always whine and yes I’ll take some cheese too, since I’m a…well…a cheese whore!!

I’m already sick of people talking about football! I just want to smack the face that talks about it, whoever it is, and then ask them if there’s anything intelligent they would like to say. OK, that’s rough, I would never do it. But it is fun to think about. I am also sick of hearing people talk about certain recently dead people. Good gosh! Get over it. Looks like I’ll need to “get over” football themes as Fall isn’t even here yet, games have yet to be played, which means four more months of this football crap.

I remember when the World Cup was going on, people starting complaining about how that was everywhere and they too were sick of the World Cup. But that was only for ONE freakin’ month people! ONESTUPID MONTH IN FOUR STUPID YEARS!! That’s it, that’s WC, not 6-7 MEDIA FILLED, RED-NECK months.

Yes, I woke up in a cranky mood. Brain is not operating at full power today. Typing was a horrible mess earlier today, at least that’s gotten better. Ole snow leopard text’d me last night. But that was it, kinda like hearing a real snow leopard but not seeing it. Fucking snow leopard.

Damn…is it 5 yet?


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