Posted by: undularbore | May 18, 2016

Clearing Out The Cobwebs

It’s been 2 years since I’ve posted anything.

That’s because 1 of those years was spent in Guatemala traveling around via land and sea. Spent a week in Puerta Vallarta Mexico. Spent a week in Cuba. Had a couple visits to Placencia, Caye Caulker, Hunting Cay in Belize. Lived with a friend in Rio Dulce, Guatemala and found the love of my life in her uncle.

Now I have over 1,000 sea miles, and experience sailing, navigating, calling harbor captains, anchoring and dealing with customs.

Met so many new people from many different countries. Lived life very differently and miss that ‘way’ of life but I was running out of money and had to come back ┬áto the daily grind.

Now petitioning for my love to be here with me in the States so we can finally start a life together. Afterwards, figure out what’s next.

Maybe I’ll post pictures and expand on this amazing 2 years.

Posted by: undularbore | April 5, 2014


My hands smell amazing. My throat feels satisfied.

He’s young yet in-tune.

Posted by: undularbore | April 4, 2014


He was here. I’m drunk and want to make my car system SING.

Posted by: undularbore | March 17, 2014

Protected: Latino Fun Toy

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Posted by: undularbore | January 4, 2014

Ich Warte

Big Florida wintertime
With its radiation popular
With fruit and mammals
Gives off ultimate smiles
For some.

Most wait for their calling
Be it living life or living death
That’s what people do.

No difference here as I choose
Living life, feeling its wave
I’ll ride it as far as I can.

Unknown places out there
In me, great big unknowns
Welcomed with open arms.

Friends near, dear and new
Are here like guardians
Keeping me safe along
this passage.


Posted by: undularbore | December 22, 2013


Captain has set the ‘striking fish lure’. Reeling me in he is, and he knows he’s got a direct hit. This fish doesn’t mind my jaw being spread open for the catch, because he has and will savor every bite. :devilhorns:


Posted by: undularbore | December 16, 2013

I Call Him Fish

I call him Fish because I don’t know his name yet. Perhaps he doesn’t exist? But what if he does? This person is quite a unique character and we’re an ideal match. He is definitely the alpha I’ve been looking for. I know what he looks like and have been consciously dreaming of him for around 3-4 years. Except where he is changes. Ahhh dreams. They are fun.

Earlier today the lady, who is Costa Rican, that cleans our office was in and we usually have a nice chat. For over a year she keeps talking to me about Costa Rica, how I should save up some $$ and go with her for a vacation. Then I meet this Captain who wants to bring me to CA. Both of them have sung the praises of being there. ::tapsfingersondesk::

For over a decade I have dreamt of becoming an ex-pat. I have always dreamed of traveling as wanderlust flows rampant through my veins. There’s my dreams of S Pacific and the cultures thereof. I’ve always liked meeting new people and having adventures. And I’ve always strived to live in a place that’s better spiritually (’cause this nation isn’t the place to do that at all). Now that I have moved to a more tropical setting by the Gulf of Mexico, the gears of these dreams seem to be starting to move.

Call me a fish, because astrologically I am and go with the current I will.

Posted by: undularbore | December 12, 2013

Nothing’s For Free

There’s a nice air to it all. As energy blends in a true fashion I am amazed. Hopefully there will be a time in the near future where he blends with my now which will become a great future.
There’s quite a bit to equalize, but I feel it’s close. This Captain, the soul, the ebb and flow, the flow to another greatness. Is it really here?
Living love is what it takes.

Posted by: undularbore | December 5, 2013

For 0.00?

I had a brake inspection and my front rotors turned for no cost today! WTF! Nice.

Tomorrow Capt. Bill picks me up to bring me to Pt Charlotte so we can sail here to Naples. Back on the boat!

Crazy nice times, I hope!

Posted by: undularbore | December 4, 2013


Boat. Boat’s captain is good. This opportunity is flabbergasting. Even though it’s brief, for now. Can’t wait to see the sails full.


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